The 2020 International Conference on Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics for IoT Security and Privacy (SPIoT-2020)


November 6 and 8, 2020 Shanghai, China

Paper Submission

Submission InstructionsAuthors should submit papers reporting original work that are currently not under review or published elsewhere. Accepted full papers will be published in the conference proceedings. Long papers cannot exceed 10 pages and short papers cannot exceed 6 pages in length. Both short paper and regular paper are invited for presentation.SPIOT-2020 will employ double blind reviewing process, every research paper submitted to SPIOT-2020  will undergo a “double blind” reviewing process: the PC members and referees who review the paper will not know the identity of the authors. 

To ensure anonymity of authorship, authors must prepare their manuscript as follows:Author’s names and affiliations must not appear on the title page or elsewhere in the paper.Funding sources must not be acknowledged on the title page or elsewhere in the paper.Research group members, or other colleagues or collaborators, must not be acknowledged anywhere in the paper.Source file naming must also be done with care, to avoid identifying the author’s names in the paper’s associated metadata. For example, if your name is Jane Smith and you submit a PDF file generated from a .dvi file called Jane- Smith.dvi, your authorship could be inferred by looking into the PDF file.

It is the responsibility of authors to do their very best to preserve anonymity. Papers that do not follow the guidelines here, or otherwise potentially revealthe identity of the authors, are subject to immediate rejection. Because of the double blind review policy, the submission of an extended version of a shortpaper which has published elsewhere is strongly discouraged in SPIOT-2020.


Any submitted paper violating the length, file type, or formatting requirements will be rejected without review. For any problems with the submission system, please contact the PC co-chairs directly.


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All accepted papers will be categorized into following sessions:

Session 1: Novel machine learning methods for IoT security

SPIOT016      The Innovation of UI Design Courses in Higher Vocational Colleges Based on the Internet Perspective

SPIOT021      Predicting the Getting-on and Getting-off Points Based on the Trafic Big Data

SPIOT022      The Prediction analysis of Passengers Boarding and Alighting Points Based on the Big Data of Urban Traffic

SPIOT023      Verifiable Random Number Based on B-Spline Curve

SPIOT031      An Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm Based on DFC&HRS

SPIOT041      Application and Practice of ID3 Algorithms in College Students' Education

SPIOT045      Construction of Human Knee Joint Mechanics Model and Study on Mechanical Characteristics of Flexion movement based on neural network algorithm

SPIOT046      Application of Artificial Intelligence Technology in Physical Fitness Test of College Students

SPIOT059      Theoretical Research on College Students' Professional Literacy Design Based on Deep Learning

SPIOT079      Artificial Intelligence is the Technical Guarantee of Network Security

SPIOT093      Intelligent Question Answering System of Medical Knowledge Map Based on Deep Learning

SPIOT103      Construction and Practice of Red Teaching Resources Based on Machine Learning

SPIOT108      Reasonable Approach and Development Trend of Artificial Intelligence Sports Development

SPIOT111      Returnee Migrant Workers' Entrepreneurship Based on Artificial Intelligence

SPIOT112      Improvement of College Teachers' Teaching Ability under the Background of the Development of Artificial Intelligence Platform

SPIOT115      Influence Factors of Using Modern Teaching Technology in the Classroom of Junior Middle School Teachers under the Background of Artificial Intelligence——Analysis Based on HLM

SPIOT128      Analysis and Design of Personalized Learning System Based on Decision Tree Technology

SPIOT129      Deep Learning Classification and Recognition Model Construction of Face Living Image Based on Multi-Feature Fusion

SPIOT134      A Prediction Method of Blood Glucose Concentration Based On Nonlinear Auto-Regressive Model

SPIOT141      Signal Processing Based On Machine Learning Optical Communication

SPIOT143      Refined Management of Installation Engineering Cost based on Artificial Intelligence Technology

SPIOT144      Application of Artificial Intelligence Technology in International Trade Finance

SPIOT147      An Improved Genetic Algorithm for Vehicle Routing Problem

SPIOT160      A Machine-Learning Based Store Layout Strategy in Shopping Mall

SPIOT161      Risk Analysis in Online Peer-to-Peer Loaning Based on Machine Learning: A Decision Tree Implementation on

SPIOT163      The Application of BP Neural Network in the Opioid Crisis

SPIOT171      Design of Personalized Intelligent Learning Assistant System under Artificial Intelligence Background

SPIOT180      Application of Artificial Intelligence in Intelligent Decision-making of Human Resource Allocation

SPIOT214      Research on Early Warning of Security Risk of Hazardous Chemicals Storage Based on BP-PSO

SPIOT230      The Application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Financial Stability 

SPIOT246      Application of alternative routing configuration mechanism based on Genetic Algorithm in power communication network

SPIOT255      Safety Situation Assessment of Underwater Nodes based on BP Neural Network

Session 2: Big data analytics for IoT security

SPIOT001      The Innovation of College Counsellor's Work Based On Big Data Analysis

SPIOT005      Analysis of India's Big Data Industry

SPIOT008      The Application of Computer Virtual Technology in Modern Sports Training

SPIOT015      The Research on the Development and Utilization of Hospital Archive Information in the Big Data Era

SPIOT026      Integration and Optimization of College English Teaching Information Resources in the Context of Big Data

SPIOT048      Discussion on the Training of Cross-border E-commerce Application Talents Based on the Internet Era

SPIOT049      Level of Technology Innovation Development and Promotion Strategies of High Technology Industry in Hubei Province Based on Smart City

SPIOT053      Wisdom Media Era of Big Data in the Application of the Short Video from the Media

SPIOT054      Development and Risk of Smart City

SPIOT055      Impact of Education with Chinese Feature Reform of Management Courses Based on Big Data Analysis on Employment Quality of College Students

SPIOT065      Test on the Combined Application of Nitrogen and Phosphate Fertilizer to Provide Intelligent Fertilization for Silage Maize Yield and Quality

SPIOT066      Development and Innovation of Education Management Information in College with Big Data

SPIOT089      Data Visualization Association Algorithm Based on Spatio-Temporal Association Big Data

SPIOT095      A Proposed Three-dimensional Public Security Prevention and Control System Based on Big-Data

SPIOT110      Innovation of Ideological and Political Education Model in the Context of Big Data

SPIOT121      Communication Response of Internet Rumor Audiences Based on Big Data Analysis

SPIOT132      Design of University Admissions Analysis System Based on Big Data

SPIOT135      Big Data on the Influence of SMEs in Export Trade Financing Costs

SPIOT136      Big Data and Economics Research

SPIOT139      Protection and Value of DaYing Zhuotong Well Based on Big Data

SPIOT140      Analysis and Research on Modern Education Technology under "Internet+" and Big Data Technology Environment

SPIOT145      Management Innovation of Network Society Based on Big Data

SPIOT148      Short Term Load Forecasting Model of Building Power System with Demand Side Response Based on Big Data of Electrical Power

SPIOT149      Big Data in Art Design

SPIOT173      User Interface Code Automatic Generation Technology Based on Big Data

SPIOT175      Cultural Heritage Research Model Based on Big Data

SPIOT181      Changes in Enterprise Human Resource Management in the Context of Big Data

SPIOT182      The Research on Big Data Promoting Innovation and Development of Inclusive Finance

SPIOT185      Spatial Econometric Analysis of House Prices in Guangdong Province Based On Big Data

SPIOT188      State Grid Yichang Power Supply Company's Young Employee Training Plan Based On "Big Data Profile"

SPIOT191      Framework of Smart Regulation System for Large-scale Power Grid Based on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

SPIOT197      "21-st Digital Maritime Silk Road" Based on Big Data and Cloud Computing Technology Facing Opportunities and Challenges--from Digital Trade Perspective

SPIOT200      Outdoor Sports Industry Platform Construction Based On Big Data Technology

SPIOT201      Exploration on the Application of Personalized Teaching System Based on Big Data

SPIOT204      A Big-Data Based Study on the Construction of Beforehand Alarming System for Public Health Emergency

SPIOT205      Internet of Things Information Construction Combined with Big Data in Cloud Computing Environment

SPIOT234      Research on the development and management of electric energy under the background of big data

SPIOT248      Secure big data computing based on Trusted Computing and key management

Session 3: Data mining and statistical modelling for the secure IoT

SPIOT014      The Research on Student Data Analysis System Based on Data Mining

SPIOT018      The Application and Research of Data Mining Technology in Enterprise Service

SPIOT028      Influencing Factors of Undergraduates Using App Learning Based on TAM Model -- Taking MOOC App as an Example

SPIOT032      Malicious JavaScript Detection Method Based on Multilayer Perceptron

SPIOT034      Computational Simulation of Magnetic Field of FC-Mold

SPIOT035      Construction of Simulated Seismic Experiment (Experience) Platform

SPIOT050      Social E-Commerce and Marketing Strategy Based on Data Analysis

SPIOT068      Innovation Research and Practice of Studio Teaching Mode in the Context of Smart City

SPIOT069      Effects of Combined Application of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Fertilizers on Photosynthetic Characteristics of Silage Corn, Laying the Foundation of Agricultural Information

SPIOT083      Imagination of Virtual Technology Application in Sports Field

SPIOT091      Effect of Time Slot Search on DAG Scheduling Strategy in Heterogeneous Clusters

SPIOT100      "Internet +" in the Marketing Mode of Electric Power Electricity Value-Added Services to Users

SPIOT109      Influencing Factors of Rural Entrepreneurship by University Students in Qiannan under the Background of Informatization

SPIOT122      Transformation of Local Government Administrative Management Concept Based on Smart City Construction

SPIOT150      Analysis and Simulation of Oxidation Causes during Steam Turbine Oil Use Based on Fenton Oxidation

SPIOT164      Optimization of Berth Shore Bridge Allocation Based on Simulated Annealing Algorithm

SPIOT166      Information Security Terminal Architecture of Mobile Internet of Things under the Background of Big Data

SPIOT170      The Evolution of Network Platform Ecology from the Perspective of We Media

SPIOT172      Multimodal and Multidimensional Interactive Teaching Mode of Comprehensive English under the Background of Big Data

SPIOT178      Logistics Development under the Background of Internet

SPIOT186      Model Analysis of Bowl Buckle High Support Formwork Construction Technology Based on Computer Simulation Technology

SPIOT189      Vulnerability Discovery and Security Protection Based on Web Application

SPIOT190      Comprehensive Evaluation of Rural Development Level Based on Data Mining

SPIOT192      Intelligent Monitoring System of High-voltage Cabling

SPIOT196      Strategic Thinking on High-Quality Development of Digital Economy in Yangtze River Delta Region of China in the Era of Big Data

SPIOT211      Data Distributed Storage Scheme in Internet of Things Based on Blockchain

SPIOT236      Design of unified management platform for power operation and maintenance based on Cloud Computing Technology

SPIOT243      Research on economic growth based on MCMC principal component regression analysis

Session 4: Data confidentiality and privacy in IoT

SPIOT013      The Construction and Implementation of the Security Defense System of University Campus Network

SPIOT020      Study on Outlet Height Optimization of Behind-levee Drainage Pumping Stations

SPIOT029      Marketing Mode of Wechat Public Account for College Students’ Job Searching -Based on Computer Informationization

SPIOT030      Public Credit Information Data Quality Evaluation and Improvement

SPIOT056      Reform of Database and Data Warehouse Course based on OBE-CDIO Model

SPIOT058      Enhancement of Risk Prevention Ability of Students Funding Subjects in the Age of All Media

SPIOT061      Privacy Protection under the Construction of Smart Cities in China —from the Perspectives of Legislation

SPIOT077      The Application of Virtual Reality Technology in Environmental Art Design

SPIOT086      Application of VR Technology in Teaching Archery

SPIOT088      Public Opinion Guidance with New Government Media in the Smart City

SPIOT090      Needs Analysis of the AR Application in the Packaging Design of Ya'an Tibetan Tea

SPIOT092      Construct Sharing Mechanism of College Students' Physical Health Monitoring Service Based on Geographic Information System

SPIOT098      Probability Programming and Control of Moving Agent Based on MC-POMDP

SPIOT101      Investigation on Power Marketing Model Based on Hierarchical Management System in a Smart City

SPIOT105      Application Research of Virtual Reality Technology

SPIOT130      Online Booking Laboratory Management System

SPIOT146      University Education Management Based on Internet of Things Technology

SPIOT151      The Influencing Mechanism of Richness of UGC on Purchase Intention -- An Empirical Analysis Based on "Content + Transaction" APP Users

SPIOT165      Path Planning Algorithm of Mobile Robot Based On IAFSA

SPIOT167      Virtual Machine Software in Computer Network Security Teaching

SPIOT176      Key Technologies of Virtual Reality Fusion and Interactive Operation for Intelligent Learning in Network Environment

SPIOT187      An Approach to Observing China’s Higher Educational Equity: The Application of Multimedia and Database in Liberal Arts Education after Lockdown

SPIOT198      Key Technologies of Automobile Assembly Intelligent Transfer Platform Based on Visual Perception

SPIOT206      Personnel Management Optimization of University Library Based on Complex Network Theory

SPIOT212      Load Optimization Scheme Based on Edge Computing in Internet of Things

SPIOT213      Fire detection method based on improved glowworm swarm optimization-based TWSVM

SPIOT219      A data privacy protection scheme for underwater network

SPIOT244      Optimization of production and operation plan of  oil pipeline based on Q Algorithm

Session 5: Data-driven co-design of communication, computing and control for IoT security

SPIOT003      Design of a Force Balance Geophone Utilizing Bandwidth Extension and Data Acquisition Interface

SPIOT012      Application of 3ds Max Technology in Archaeology

SPIOT017      The Application of Virtual Reality Technology in ESP Teaching

SPIOT019      Application of Simulation Method Based on Computer Bionic Design

SPIOT027      The Implementation and Application of Computer Simulation Technology in PE Teaching

SPIOT037      Construction of College Communities in the New Media Based on Network Environment

SPIOT040      Political and Ideological Personnel Management Mode Based on Computer Network

SPIOT051      Analysis of Mapping Knowledge Domain on Health and Wellness Tourism in the Perspective of Cite Space

SPIOT057      Application of Smart Retail Mode in Suning.Com

SPIOT062      Construction and Development of High-tech Smart City

SPIOT070      Design and Implementation of Self-Service Tourism Management Information System Based on B/S Architecture

SPIOT073      Chinese Culture Penetration in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language in the Era of Mobile Internet

SPIOT076      Application and Outlook of Digital Media Technology in Smart Tourism

SPIOT081      Accounting Informationization in Computer Network Environment

SPIOT087      Mobile Phone GPS and Sensor Technology in College Students' Extracurricular Exercises

SPIOT102      Design of Networking Network Model Based on Network Function Virtualization Technology

SPIOT107      Intelligent Media Technology Empowered Brand Communication of Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage

SPIOT119      Construction Strategy of Smart English Teaching Platform from the Perspective of "Internet + Education"

SPIOT133      Online Writing Effectiveness under the Blended Teaching Mode of Moscotech APP

SPIOT138      A Narrative Environment Model for the Sustainability of Intangible Cultural Heritage under the 5G Era

SPIOT142      Application Study of VPN on the Network of Hydropower Plant

SPIOT157      Prediction of Technology Trend of Educational Robot Industry Based On Patent Map Analysis

SPIOT159      Coal Handling System of Power Plant Based On PLC

SPIOT162      Discussion on the Construction of Wireless Campus Network Based On SDN Architecture

SPIOT199      Applicational Status Analysis of Artificial Intelligence Technology in Middle School Education and Teaching

SPIOT202      Virtual Enterprise Partner Selection by Improved Analytic Hierarchy Process with Entropy Weight and Range Method

SPIOT226      Research and implementation of Intelligent Tourism Guide System Based on cloud computing platform

SPIOT237      Analysis of financial needs of new agricultural operators based on K-means clustering algorithm

SPIOT245      Research on the application of virtual network technology in computer network security

SPIOT250      Application of Bionics in Underwater Acoustic Covert Communication

SPIOT251      Energy-saving and efficient underwater wireless sensor network security data aggregation model

SPIOT252      False Data Filtering in Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks

SPIOT254      Research on Underwater Bionic Covert Communication

Session 6: Authentication and access control for data usage in IoT

SPIOT009      The Application of Virtual Reality Technology in Architectural Design

SPIOT010      Computer-assisted Teaching and Cultivate Students' Innovative Thinking Ability

SPIOT038      The Reform Progress and Practical Difficulties of State-owned Hospitals under Information Age―Case Analysis Based on the Reform in a Medical Institution of A Group in China

SPIOT039      Financing Efficiency of SMEs in New Third Board Market in the Information Times

SPIOT044      Application of Virtual Instrument Technology in Electronic Course Teaching

SPIOT060      A Solution for Internet of Things based on Blockchain and Edge Computer

SPIOT063      Discovery and Advice of Free Charging of Electronic Devices

SPIOT074      Design and Implementation of Tourism Information Management System Based on .NET

SPIOT078      A Computer Model for Decision of Equipment Maintenance Spare Parts Reserve

SPIOT082      Risk Level Determination of Science and Technology Service Supply Chain with PA-BP Integrated Model

SPIOT099      Evaluation of the New Engineering Course System for Cyberspace Security

SPIOT106      Exploration on Teaching Reform of Architectural Design Courses from the Perspective of MOOCs

SPIOT116      Large-scale Farmland Management on Improving Production Efficiency under the Background of Smart Agriculture-Based on panel quantile regression

SPIOT120      Impact of Alliance Fitness on Smart Phone Brand Alliance Based on Intelligent Application

SPIOT124      Effective Control Method of the Whole Process Project Cost Based on BIM

SPIOT152      Research and Design of FPGA Embedded System

SPIOT154      Multi-source Heterogeneous and XBOOST Vehicle Sales Forecasting Model

SPIOT155      The Lorentz Component Algorithm for Calculating the Center of the Circular Motion of Charged Particles

SPIOT168      Controller Design Based On LQR for Rotational Inverted Pendulum

SPIOT177      Three-Dimensional Scenic Spot Roaming System Based on Virtual Reality Technology

SPIOT183      Research and Development of Simulation System for Industrial Robot Stamping Automation Production Line Based on Virtual Reality

SPIOT195      Architectural Roaming Animation Based on VR Technology

SPIOT207      The Measurement Method of Housing Affordability

SPIOT216      Smart home security based on the Internet of Things

SPIOT218      CS-based homomorphism encryption and trust scheme for underwater acoustic sensor networks

SPIOT227      3D animation scene plane design based on Virtual Reality Technology

SPIOT229      Design of VR Computer Network and Maintenance Experiment System  

SPIOT231      The quantum state engineering by Adiabatic Decoherence-Free Subspace 

SPIOT238      Design and Implementation of Training System for Broadcast Hosts P2P Network Video Live   

SPIOT241      Application Research of enterprise production logistics system based on computer simulation technology  

SPIOT242      Atomic Decay-based Clustering for Operation Log

SPIOT253      Hybrid Mac Protocol Based On Security In Clustering Topology

Session 7: Experiments, test-beds and prototyping systems for IoT security

SPIOT002      The Transformation and Remodeling of Literary Education Concept under Mobile Internet Era

SPIOT004      Teaching Design Based On Network Red Blue Confrontation

SPIOT006      Construction and Implementation of the "Pyramid" Online Learning Platform for Experimental Teaching

SPIOT007      The Research on the Strategy of College English Teaching Mode Based on Mobile Terminal under the Background of Internet+

SPIOT011      The Research on College Physical Education Innovation Based on Internet and New Media

SPIOT025      The Development Strategy of College English Education under the Language Education Planning in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

SPIOT043      Construction of Smart City Needed for a Better Life under the Background of the Times——A Perspective of Holistic Governance Theory Based on Governance and the Structure of Local Political Institutions

SPIOT064      Investigation on the Growth Mechanism of Small and Medium-Sized Agricultural Leading Enterprises from the Perspective of Intelligent Agricultural Niche Theory

SPIOT071      The Optimization and Construction of College English Teaching by Information Technology

SPIOT072      The Application of Computer Technology in Chinese Teaching for Foreign Students from the Perspective of Internet

SPIOT075      The Application of Computer "Virtual Simulation" Experimental Teaching in Basic Football Tactics

SPIOT085      Application of Campus Happy Running APP in the Reform of University Physical Education Integration

SPIOT096      Data Mining of Educational Service Quality of Professional Degree Masters Based on Improved Expectation Confirmation Model

SPIOT113      Intelligent Development of Urban Housing

SPIOT114      Effective Approach to Cultivating Physical Education Teaching Skills of Preschool Majors in the Context of Big Data

SPIOT117      Coordination Game in Online Ride-hailing Market of Smart City

SPIOT125      Construction of English Learning Community in the Smart City Environment

SPIOT126      Automatic Dispensing Technology of Traditional Chinese Medicine Formula Granules in Pharmacy under the Background of Artificial Intelligence

SPIOT137      Exploration and Practice of Coaching Technology in College Career Guidance under the Internet + Era

SPIOT153      Research on Enterprise Data Governance Based on Knowledge Map

SPIOT158      Website Design and Implementation of Xunyang Lion's Head Orange

SPIOT174      Vocational Students' Academic Self-efficacy Improvement Based on Generative PAD Teaching Mode

SPIOT194      An Improved K-means Clustering Algorithm Based on Density Selection

SPIOT208      Calculation and Analysis of Family Care Burden Coefficient

SPIOT209      A Study on the Impact of Formal Social Support on the Mental Health of the Elderly in Urban and Rural China: Based On the 2015 CHARLS Data

SPIOT232      Bi-Apriori-based Association Discovery via Alarm Logs

SPIOT233      Research on Perceived Information Model in Product Design under Cloud Computing 

SPIOT239      Early warning management of enterprise human resource crisis based on Fuzzy Data Mining Algorithm of computer

SPIOT240      New media creative writing and computer application technology

Short paper session

SPIOT024      Application of Automatic Obstacle Avoidance Unmanned Vehicle Based On Beidou and Inertial Navigation

SPIOT033      Application of “Computer Network Teaching Platform+ Flipped Teaching Model” in Online Education-Taking “Information Technology Teaching Method” as an Example

SPIOT047      The Current Situations of Mobile Assisted Language Learning

SPIOT052      Development of Industrial Chain of Internet of Things Based on 5G Communication Technique

SPIOT067      Path Choice of Smart City Construction from the Perspective of Economic Growth

SPIOT080      Computer Audit Quality Control in Big Data Era

SPIOT084      MOOC System in the Era of Big Data Improves the Effectiveness of College Physical Education

SPIOT094      Risks and Prevention in the Application of AI

SPIOT097      Improvement of Microblog Recommendation System Based On Interaction Strategies of Agricultural E-Commerce Enterprise

SPIOT104      Exploration and Construction of "One Ring, Three Deductions" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Talent Cultivation Model for Higher Vocational Art Design Major Based on Information Technology

SPIOT118      Research Progress of Neuroimaging techniques in Organizational Behavior under the Background of Smart City

SPIOT123      Recommendation Strategies for Smart Tourism Scenic Spots Based on Smart City

SPIOT127      Control Strategy of Environmental Control System in Power Transmission

SPIOT156      Low Latency V2X Application of MEC Architecture in Traffic Safety

SPIOT169      Cloud Computing Technology for the Network Resource Allocation on the Research of Application

SPIOT179      Talent Evaluation Model of College Students Based on Big Data Technology

SPIOT184      Application of Cloud Class in Comprehensive English Teaching in the Context of Internet Plus

SPIOT193      The Application of 3D Printing Technology in Sculpture

SPIOT203      The Development Strategy of Current Medical Scientific Research Information

SPIOT210      On the Development of the Industry Trend of "Ai + Education"

SPIOT215      Research on UAV Control Improvement

SPIOT217      Smart sleep mattress based on Internet of things technology

SPIOT220      On the application and research of electronic and electrical technology in power system

SPIOT221      Driving the application of bioinformatics under the development of cloud technology   

SPIOT222      Computer network information security and protection strategy under the background of big data

SPIOT223      Design and implementation of legal consultation system based on Android platform

SPIOT224      The application of big data development in power engineering cost 

SPIOT225      Design and Research on the Management of the Electricity System of WebGIS

SPIOT228      Application of improved CMAC algorithm in international trade analysis module construction 

SPIOT235      Design and research of electroless copper plating in Microelectronics

SPIOT247      Application of neural network algorithm in building energy consumption prediction

SPIOT249      Research and design of big data unified analysis platform based on Cloud Computing