The 2020 International Conference on Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics for IoT Security and Privacy (SPIoT-2020)


November 6 and 8, 2020 Shanghai, China

Keynote Speakers



SPIOT 2020 Keynotes 1 

The Next Industrial Revolution: Industry 4.0 and the Role of Artificial Intelligence



Abstract: The fourth industrial revolution is already approaching – often referred to as “Industry 4.0” – which is a paradigm shift which will challenge our current systems, thinking, and overall approach. Manufacturing industry will be transformed, with fundamental changes possible in how supply chains work, and how manufacturing becomes agile, sustainable, and mobile. At the heart of this paradigm shift is communication, connectivity, and intelligent manufacturing technologies. Artificial intelligence is one of the key technologies that will make Industry 4.0 a reality – and yet very few people really understand what A.I. is, and how important it will be in this new industrial revolution. A.I. is all around us already – even if we don’t realise it!

Professor John MacIntyre has been working in A.I. for more than 25 years and is Editor-in-Chief of Neural Computing and Applications, a peer-reviewed scientific journal publishing academic work from around the world on applied A.I. Professor MacIntyre will give a picture of how Industry 4.0 will present both challenges and opportunities, how artificial intelligence will play a fundamental role in the new industrial revolution, and provide insights into where A.I. may take us in the future.


SPIOT 2020 Keynotes 2 

Unsupervised learning of optical flow with patch consistency and occlusion estimation

Prof. John MacIntyre

University of Sunderland, UK

Professor Junchi Yan

Shanghai University, China

Junchi Yan is currently an Associate Professor with Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Before that, he was a Senior Research Staff Member and Principal Scientist with IBM Research, China where he started his career in April 2011. He obtained the Ph.D. at the Department of Electrical Engineering of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China in 2015. He received the ACM China Doctoral Dissertation Nomination Award and China Computer Federation Doctoral Dissertation Award. His research interests are mainly machine learning. He serves as an Associate Editor for IEEE ACCESS and a Managing Guest Editor for IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems. He once served as Senior PC for CIKM 2019. He also serves as an Area Chair for ICPR 2020 and CVPR 2021. He is a Member of IEEE.