The 2020 International Conference on Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics for IoT Security and Privacy (SPIoT-2020)


November 6 and 8, 2020 Shanghai, China

About Shanghai

Shanghai is a famous national historical and cultural city with profound modern urban cultural deposits and numerous historical sites. The traditional wu-yue culture in the south of the Yangtze river and the industrial culture introduced from the west merge to form the unique Shanghai culture. As early as the song dynasty, Shanghai has been known as "Shanghai". After 1843, Shanghai became an open commercial port and rapidly developed into the largest city in the far east. Today, Shanghai has successfully hosted the 2010 world expo, China Shanghai international art festival, Shanghai international film festival and other large-scale international events.

Oriental pearl TV tower, jinmao tower, world financial center, Shanghai tower, the palace (former world expo China pavilion), theme pavilions, expo Shanghai international financial center, Shanghai science and technology museum, Hong Kong hang lung plaza, zhengda plaza, Shanghai happy valley, Mercedes Benz cultural center (formerly the expo culture center), is street, no. 8 bridge, M50, intelligence bureau, wah, Shanghai Disneyland, national convention center.


The shanghainese term "benbang cuisine" refers to the local flavor of Shanghai dishes, which can be characterized by rich red sauce (rich oil, heavy sugar, colorful). Commonly used cooking methods to braise, simmer, sugar based, taste salty sweet, oil and not greasy. This help to stir fry, the meat dishes in the special dishes are oily eel paste, oil Fried river shrimp, oil hairy crab, pot roast river eel, braised circle, Buddha's belly, braised fish, braised chestnut chicken, really reflect the characteristics of this help dish thick oil red sauce. There are various seasonal vegetables in Shanghai according to the season. Horse orchid head, shepherd's purse, chicken hair vegetable, Shanghai small rape is very relaxed. Citizens: early - four pie, Fried dough sticks, ZiFan, tofu.

Located on the southeastern coast of China, at the mouth of the Yangtze river, Shanghai is one of the most developed cities in China and the economic center of China. Shanghai's dense traffic network, bustling streets, and growing skyscrapers all reflect the continuous rise of this metropolis.

As the earliest treaty port in Chinese history, Shanghai is also the first place to contact with the "outside world". With the change of times, Shanghai has gradually become an important financial and trade city in east Asia. Shanghai is diverse, the old city in the original flavor of the old alley; European architecture with a history of 100 years along the bund; Lujiazui area of a variety of skyscrapers; Chenghuang temple between bearing the memory of the Chinese garden. Diverse urban elements converge here, making Shanghai unique.

If that's not enough, the first Shanghai Disneyland in mainland China and the thrilling Shanghai happy valley are great places to indulge. Nanjing road and huaihai road can satisfy your endless desire for crazy shopping. Night falls, take a cruise ship to the bund to enjoy the bund scenery, or in hengshan road bar street to feel the city of light and green, are the best choice for the night. Numerous scenic spots and food link up the most unique travel culture of Shanghai, making "magic" more "magic".